Charles W. Valentine (1879-1964) is an important figure in the history of educational psychology. Leaving school at 17 to become a teacher, he continued to study at the same time, gaining degrees from London, Cambridge and St. Andrews. He was professor of education at the University of Birmingham in 1919 until his retirement in 1946, then president of the British Psychological Society from 1947-1948. His research covered many areas including child development, imagery, mental testing, home and classroom discipline. Out of print for many years, the Collected Works of C.W. Valentine is an opportunity to revisit many of his finest works.

The Difficult Child and the Problem of Discipline

The Psychology of Early Childhood: A Study of Mental Development in the First Years of Life

Intelligence Tests for Children

Psychology and Mental Health

Psychology and its Bearing on Education

Parents and Children: A First Book on the Psychology of Child Development and Training

The Experimental Psychology of Beauty