This book is an essential resource for anybody involved in arbitration. It is an updated section-by-section commentary on the Arbitration Act 1996, split into a separate set of notes for each section, and subdivided into the relevant issues within that section. It contains elements of international comparative law, citing authorities from many other common law and civil law jurisdictions.

Beyond the development of law since the last edition, this sixth edition contains new practical features to aid the reader. Each section now has a new contents table, with each separate topic set out clearly and in a logical order, which acts as reminder for the reader. Further, each separate topic now has a specific individual reference, and the topics are grouped in a more systematic and logical way within each section, to improve readability.

The book is primarily aimed at practitioners of arbitration both in the UK and abroad, including solicitors, barristers, arbitrators and judges who are involved in the practice of arbitration (whether domestic or international). It is also aimed at UK and international students of international arbitration, especially in relation to the sections with comparative legal analysis and comprehensive discussions on the interaction between the Arbitration Act 1996 and institutional arbitration rules.

Erratum: The authors regret that the new version of the LCIA Rules will not now be published (or be applicable) until early 2020, due to unexpected circumstances. It is understood that those Articles referred to in the text as the 2019 Rules will remain unchanged, albeit that the Rules when in force should be and will be cited as the 2020 LCIA Rules. The authors accept responsibility for and apologise for this error.

part I|5 pages

Background to the Arbitration Act 1996

part II|895 pages

The Arbitration Act 1996

chapter II|7 pages

Other Provisions Relating to Arbitration

chapter IV|3 pages

General Provisions