In Stories from Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy author Henry Kronengold explores the unpredictable world of child and adolescent psychotherapy through a series of engaging and innovative clinical vignettes. The ups, downs, and dilemmas of therapeutic work are considered in each realistic narrative as readers are offered a unique view of what happens between the therapist and child, as well as the therapist’s own process during the therapy. This captivating new resource is intended to spark a conversation within the reader, regardless of professional experience, regarding which therapeutic factors are ultimately most helpful to children and adolescents.

Acknowledgements  A Note on Confidentiality  1. Introduction: A Curious Space  2. Hey Toy Man  3. The Adventures of Captain Pineapple  4. Picturing a Frame  5. Real Madrid 18 - 18 Tottenham Hotspur  6. The Princess and Dal Bhat Tarkari  7. Upside Down  References  Index