This book, first published in 1908, is a result of Helen Barrett Montgomery’s visits to Japan, and the way in which she experienced Japanese life and culture. This book thoroughly examines aspects such as religion, language, trade and education in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century. This book will be of interest to students of Asian Studies.

chapter I|16 pages

A Glimpse at the Past

chapter III|10 pages

The Japanese Race and its Language

chapter VI|17 pages

The People—Their Life and Habits

chapter VII|10 pages

Trade—Commerce—and Industries

chapter VIII|12 pages

Japan’s Financial Burdens and Resources

chapter IX|15 pages


chapter X|14 pages

The Japanese Army and Navy

chapter XIII|9 pages

Japanese Architecture

chapter XIV|9 pages

Postal and Other Means of Communication

chapter XV|8 pages

Law and Order

chapter XVI|9 pages

Literature and the Drama

chapter XVII|9 pages

Newspapers in Japan

chapter XVIII|10 pages

Japanese Morality

chapter XIX|10 pages

Japan and China

chapter XX|13 pages

Europeans in Japan

chapter XXI|6 pages

A Visit to Some Buddhist Temples

chapter XXII|8 pages

The Ainos

chapter XXIII|18 pages

Japan as it is To-Day

chapter XXIV|12 pages

The Future of Japan—Physical—Moral—Mental