This title, first published in 1923, aimed to provide a brief survey of the historical setting necessary for an understanding of China’s relations with the West. The book explained and estimated the various forces that were working in China at the beginning of the twentieth century that were producing changes in the political, social, industrial and intellectual spheres. This book will be of interest to students of history and Asian Studies.

chapter I|8 pages

Why Discuss China?

chapter II|14 pages

The Treasures of the Past.

chapter III|19 pages

Early International Connections (Before 1840)

chapter IV|22 pages

Coming into the Family (1840–1911)

chapter V|22 pages

The Republic of China

chapter VI|18 pages

Japan in China

chapter VII|25 pages

Japan in China (continued)

chapter VIII|28 pages

China, Europe and America

chapter IX|26 pages

The Industrialization of China

chapter X|28 pages

The new Thought Movement

chapter XI|27 pages

China’s Gift to the World.