The Routledge Handbook of European Public Policy provides an in-depth and systematic understanding of EU policies. It covers theoretical approaches on the policy process and the various stages of public policy formulation and decision making, and discusses key questions of contemporary European governance. The handbook introduces major concepts, trends, and methodologies in a variety of comparative settings thereby providing the first systematic effort to include theoretical and substantive analyses of European public policies in a single volume.

The handbook is divided into four sections:

  • Concepts and approaches in EU policymaking;
  • Substantive policies of the EU, including economic and social, fiscal and monetary, areas of freedom, security, and justice, and external policies;
  • Elements of the policy cycle;
  • Themes ranging from crisis and resistance to controversies in education.

This handbook will be an essential reference for students and scholars of the European Union, public policy, social policy, and more broadly for European and comparative politics.

chapter |12 pages

European Union policymaking

Issues and debates

section |39 pages

Concepts and approaches

chapter |7 pages

Regulatory governance in the EU

chapter |10 pages

The multiple streams APPROACH

chapter |10 pages

Punctuated equilibrium theory

section |221 pages

Substantive policies

part |14 pages

Economic and social policies

chapter |12 pages

The single market

chapter |11 pages

Changing governance of cohesion policy

chapter |10 pages

Social policy

chapter |7 pages

Gender policy

part |44 pages

Fiscal and monetary policies

chapter |9 pages

Economic and monetary union

chapter |10 pages

Banking UNION 1

chapter |10 pages

Accountability in the Economic and Monetary Union

The “globalization trilemma”

chapter |13 pages

The EU budget

part |36 pages

Area of freedom, security, and justice

part |51 pages

External policies

chapter |10 pages

The Common Foreign and Security Policy

The EU as a global actor

chapter |10 pages

Trade policy

chapter |15 pages

Enlargement policy

chapter |14 pages

The European neighborhood policy

part |31 pages

Sectoral policies

chapter |10 pages

The Common Agricultural Policy

Common dynamics of policy change in an uncommon policy domain

chapter |10 pages

European energy policy

chapter |9 pages

EU policy on the environment

section |42 pages


part |10 pages

Crisis and resistance

chapter |8 pages

Resisting in times of crisis

The implementation of European austerity plans in Ireland and Greece

part |16 pages

Controversies in European higher education

chapter |7 pages

The infusion of Europe in public policy

The case of higher education