Drama, Creativity and Intersubjectivity presents a new theoretical approach to dramatherapy. The book examines the key concepts of creativity and intersubjectivity in detail, through a comparison of their manifestations in children’s life and the major scientific studies and developing research in the fields.

Linking these concepts, Salvo Pitruzzella argues that 'identity' as a construct is now outmoded, and needs to be replaced with a more relational model. His ideas impact on dramatherapy theory, updating its basic tenets, and providing insight into how it practically works, with a focus on imagination as a major tool to support change.

Drama, Creativity and Intersubjectivity will appeal to dramatherapists in training and practice, as well as other professionals in the field of arts therapies, plus those with a general interest in Creative Arts Therapies.

chapter 1|22 pages

Identity and otherness

chapter 3|24 pages

Creativity and person-making

chapter 4|18 pages

Re-visioning the dramatic paradigm

chapter 5|14 pages

A dramatic model of personhood

chapter 6|21 pages

Imagination and mirroring in dramatherapy