Coffee Culture: Local experiences, Global Connections explores coffee as (1) a major commodity that shapes the lives of millions of people; (2) a product with a dramatic history; (3) a beverage with multiple meanings and uses (energizer, comfort food, addiction, flavouring, and confection); (4) an inspiration for humor and cultural critique; (5) a crop that can help protect biodiversity yet also threaten the environment; (6) a health risk and a health food; and (7) a focus of alternative trade efforts. This book presents coffee as a commodity that ties the world together, from the coffee producers and pickers who tend the plantations in tropical nations, to the middlemen and processors, to the consumers who drink coffee without ever having to think about how the drink reached their hands.

part I|49 pages

Coffee Culture, Social Life, and Global History

part II|30 pages

Accolades and Antipathies

chapter 10|6 pages

Is Coffee Good or Bad For You?

Debates over Physical and Mental Health Effects

part III|30 pages

Coffee Production and Processing

chapter 11|5 pages

Planting and Caring for Coffee

chapter 12|8 pages

Harvesting, Processing, and Inequality

part IV|37 pages

Markets and the Modern World System

chapter 15|6 pages

Market Volatility and Social Calamity

chapter 17|10 pages

A Brief History of Fair Trade

chapter 18|7 pages

Conundrums of Fair Trade Coffee

Building Equity or Reinventing Subjugation?

chapter 19|4 pages

Riding the Next Wave of Coffee

Possibilities for Transformation