Overcoming Sex Addiction is an accessible self-help guide which uses the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy to help those with problematic or unwanted patterns of sexual behaviour. It is designed for those who are not yet ready to seek professional help or who live in a place where little help is available and can be used in conjunction with general psychotherapy. Written by a leading expert in the field, the book offers an insight into the origins of sex addiction, before going on to explain the cycle of addiction and how to break it.

The book has a do-it yourself week-by-week programme of action to tackle compulsive sexual behaviour, and provides extensive advice on relapse prevention to help the reader move forward in recovery.

Overcoming Sex Addiction will provide clear, informed guidance for sex addicts and those professionals working with them.

part I|48 pages

Preliminary readings

chapter 1|9 pages


chapter 2|7 pages

Cognitive behavioural therapy

chapter 3|4 pages

Sexual addiction

chapter 4|4 pages

Supernormal stimuli

chapter 5|10 pages


chapter 6|9 pages


chapter 7|3 pages


part II|98 pages

10-week recovery programme

chapter Week 1|10 pages

Core belief and formulation

chapter Week 2|6 pages

Values clarification

chapter Week 3|9 pages

Harmful consequences and worst case scenario

chapter Week 4|8 pages

Provisional sex plan

chapter Week 5|9 pages

Family of origin

chapter Week 6|12 pages

Cycle of addiction

chapter Week 7|8 pages

Exiting the cycle

chapter Week 8|11 pages

Cognitive distortions

chapter Week 9|9 pages

Personal history

chapter Week 10|14 pages

Relapse prevention

part III|21 pages

Ancillary readings

chapter 8|4 pages

Internet pornography

chapter 9|4 pages

Quirky sexual practices

chapter 10|6 pages

Cross addictions and comorbid disorders

chapter 11|5 pages

Group work

chapter |2 pages