The understanding and study of fathers has traditionally assumed that fathers, compared to mothers, are less involved with their children. Originally published in 1997 Fathers and Adolescents presents a different approach that focuses on the distinctive role of fathers in the lives of their adolescents, especially in their role in adolescents’ attainment of developmental tasks.

Drawing on a variety of disciplines, the authors’ examine the relationships of fathers to their adolescents in the context of a changing society. They find that fathers interact in ways that are different from those of mothers, but that are important for both normal and disturbed adolescent development. Psychopathological, aggressive and incestuous behaviour is considered as well as the role of the father in more ideal circumstances.

Drawing on the authors’ wealth of clinical experience, this title will still be an important resource for all professionals working with adolescents, as well as those in research.

chapter 1|15 pages


chapter 2|19 pages

Adolescent development and fathers

chapter 4|17 pages

The father-son relationship

chapter 5|17 pages

The father-daughter relationship

chapter 6|20 pages

Custodial and non-custodial fathers

chapter 7|18 pages

Adolescents and their stepfathers

chapter 9|24 pages

Fathers and adolescent psychopathology

chapter 11|17 pages

Incestuous relationships