Educators are increasingly responsible for using data to improve teaching and learning in their schools. This helpful guide provides leaders with simple steps for facilitating accurate analysis and interpretation of data, while avoiding common errors and pitfalls. How to Make Data Work provides clear strategies for getting data into workable shape and creating an environment that supports understanding, analysis, and successful use of data, no matter what data system or educational technology tools are in place in your district. This accessible resource makes data easy to understand and use so that educators can better evaluate and maximize their systems to help their staff, students, and school succeed. With this tried-and-true guidance, you’ll be prepared to advocate for tools that adhere to data reporting standards, avoid misinterpretation of data, and improve the data use climate in your school.

Part  I: Introduction
1. What It Means to Make Data Work

2. How to Make Data Work

Part II: Tools

3. Label

4. Supplemental Documentation

5. Help System

6. Package/Display

7. Content

8. Work with Your DSRP

Chapter 9 Reference List

Part III: Climate

9. Climate Maximization

Part IV: Data Users

10. Data User Maximization

Part V: Conclusion

11. Put It All Together

Part VI

Appendix: Over-the-Counter Data (OTCD) Standards