This is a reprint of ISBN 978-0-901-35743-4

Widely acknowledged as the one stop summary of health and safety fundamentals, Principles covers law, safety technology, occupational health and hygiene and safety management techniques. Originally written by the late international health and safety expert Allan St John Holt, this new edition has been comprehensively updated by Allan's colleague Jim Allen.

The book is designed as a concise, accessible introduction to health and safety basics and includes revision notes and a wide range of references. It is a first class resource for NEBOSH Certificate students.

chapter |2 pages


part |1 pages

Part 1: Safety management techniques

chapter 1|5 pages

Accident prevention

chapter 3|6 pages

Risk assessment

chapter 5|6 pages

Safe systems of work

chapter 6|5 pages

Health and safety training

chapter 7|3 pages


chapter 10|5 pages

Techniques of inspection

chapter 11|4 pages

Information sources

chapter 12|6 pages

Human factors and change

part |1 pages

Part 2: Workplaces and work equipment

chapter 2|10 pages

Work equipment

chapter 3|5 pages

Mechanical handling

chapter 4|6 pages

Manual handling

chapter 5|7 pages

Working at height

chapter 6|6 pages

Transport safety

chapter 10|15 pages


chapter 11|7 pages

Construction safety

chapter 12|5 pages


part |1 pages

Part 3: Occupational health and hygiene

chapter 3|3 pages

Environmental monitoring

chapter 5|4 pages

Noise and vibration

chapter 7|7 pages


chapter 8|4 pages


chapter 9|4 pages


chapter 10|3 pages


part |1 pages

Part 4: Law

chapter 2|8 pages

The English legal system

chapter 3|5 pages

Statute and common law

chapter 27|4 pages

Consultation with employees