Learn how to turn your school board members into heroes by helping them make smart, worthwhile decisions that they will deserve to brag about. In this much-needed book, Ryan Donlan and Todd Whitaker offer practical strategies to help superintendents develop better working relationships with their boards. You’ll discover how to:

  • reconnect board members to the real purpose of education, despite their agendas
  • work with your board more effectively during meetings and at times in between
  • guide board members into more productive roles when they overreach beyond policymaking
  • connect and communicate with board members regardless of personality
  • encourage board members to play to their strengths
  • start each school year undefeated and know when it is time to move on.

Each chapter contains hero-making tips to help you get started. The book also includes a special feature on board personalities and the Process Communication Model® (PCM), a method that will make it easier to avoid miscommunication with board members. With this practical book, you'll be able to overcome the challenges of the superintendent–board relationship so that your board can make better decisions for those who matter most—the students.

Chapter 1 – The Hero Maker

Chapter 2 – Constituencies

Chapter 3 – The Board of Education

Chapter 4 – The Superintendent as The Shield

Chapter 5 – The Care and Feeding of Board Members

Chapter 6 – Board Meetings

Chapter 7 – Between Board Meetings

Chapter 8 – Advancing by Retreating

Chapter 9 – Board Personalities: The "I" in Team

Chapter 10 – Board Personalities: Doors and the Dance of Drama

Chapter 11 – Starting Undefeated

Chapter 12 – The Tour of Duty

Epilogue: What Next? Toward "Difference-making"

Special Feature: Board Personalities and the Process Communication Model® (PCM)