This essential guide promotes learning through activity-centred adventure experiences, providing skill development, social education and personal development for practitioners, teachers, support staff and youth groups.

This book offers advice and practical guidance on planning, setting up and running adventure education sessions with children and young people. Divided into two parts, it gives an overview of adventure education, explaining how it relates to holistic and outdoor learning and how it encourages active engagement from the learners as well as the instructors.

Adventure Education provides a toolkit of various games and activities that can be used with groups of young children, including parachute games, card and musical activities, and climbing and traversing games. This book will be essential reading for all Early Years practitioners, Primary teachers and support staff wanting to develop their skills and deliver adventure learning effectively, as well as youth groups looking to provide informal learning as well as physical opportunities.

part |2 pages


chapter 1|3 pages

Introduction to adventure learning

chapter 2|5 pages

A brief philosophy and history

chapter 3|6 pages

Holistic learning

chapter 4|3 pages

Defining adventure and adventure learning

chapter 5|6 pages

Uniting the West and the East

chapter 7|3 pages

Learning and developing

chapter 8|4 pages

The team and its leadership

chapter 9|2 pages

The adventure learning instructor

chapter 10|3 pages

The adventure participant

chapter 11|3 pages

Risk assessment

chapter 12|5 pages

The adventure curriculum

chapter 13|3 pages

Delivery of adventure learning

chapter 14|2 pages

Outcomes of adventure learning

chapter 15|27 pages

Theories associated with adventure learning

part |2 pages


chapter 17|4 pages

Introduction to the toolkit

chapter 18|6 pages

Practical considerations

chapter 19|4 pages

Being an adventure learning instructor

chapter 20|12 pages

Icebreakers and energisers

chapter 21|13 pages

Teambuilding games

chapter 22|9 pages

Wide games

chapter 23|13 pages

Problem-solving games

chapter 24|4 pages

Parachute games

chapter 25|3 pages

Musical games

chapter 26|6 pages

Card games

chapter 27|11 pages

Just being outdoors

chapter 28|17 pages

More adventurous activities

chapter 29|6 pages

Why review activities and games?

chapter 30|9 pages

Tools for reviewing

chapter 31|7 pages

And finally …