The basis of this critical examination of Eliot’s work, first published in 1973, is the investigation of his transmutation of this and other philosophical, mythological and religious motives into the textures of his verse. This book focuses on Eliot’s peculiar eclectic approach to what he described as ‘the Tradition’. It also recognises the fact that Eliot, for all his attempts at universality, was a product of time and place, and gives an account of the way in which his education and experience shaped his most important interests. This title will be of interest to students of literature.

chapter 2|19 pages

From Ham to Ham' Poems, 1909-20

chapter 3|25 pages

Us he Devours' 'Tradition' and 'Gerontion'

chapter 4|74 pages

Between two Lives' The Waste Land

chapter 6|51 pages

Strife with Shadows' The Plays

chapter 7|66 pages

The Fire and the Rose' Four Quartets