Psychogeography usually refers to radical and artistic ways of walking or to a conflation of psychology with geography. In this unique work, the author makes arguments for considering psychogeography as way to critique the contemporary world and to consider new ways of studying the interface of human beings in environments.

The book begins by introducing and explaining the term psychogeography from a range of academic, activist, and artistic perspectives. Each chapter presents different approaches to doing psychogeography and there are arguments presented for why there is a need for a postpsychology. The author takes a creative and innovative approach to psychogeography by extending walking methods of research to include other forms of practice and research including playwriting and wargaming.

The only book written on psychogeography from a psychological perspective, this book will appeal to researchers and students of psychology, geography, architecture, and cultural studies as well as artists, activists, and the public.

Chapter 1: Introduction to psychogeography

Chapter 2: Conceptualising the field

Chapter 3: Doing psychogeography: Dérives, academic papers, playwriting and wargaming

Chapter 4: Conclusions