First published in 1979, this book concerns itself primarily with the mothers of mentally handicapped children. It discusses the problems of assistance that they may have experienced from their families, the community, or the available services. Whilst arguing for far more support for mothers when they are the main carer, this book also suggests reasons why some families are more easily able to cope with the problems of caring for severely handicapped children.

This study is based on research that was conducted for and funded by the Department of Health and Social Security between 1973 and 1976.

Preface; Chapter 1 Policies for the Mentally Handicapped: Past, Present and Future; Chapter 2 The Family and the Handicapped Person; Chapter 3 Aims and Methods; Chapter 4 The Children and Their Families; Chapter 5 The Daily Routine; Chapter 6 Who Helps?; Chapter 7 The Services; Chapter 8 Felt Needs; Chapter 9 Conclusions;