Written by an experienced teacher and scholar, this new and revised second edition of Government and Politics in Taiwan introduces students to the big questions concerning change and continuity in Taiwanese politics and governance. Taking a critical approach, Dafydd Fell provides students with the essential background to the history and development of the political system, as well as an explanation of the key structures, processes and institutions that have shaped Taiwan over the last few decades.

Using key features such as suggestions for further reading and end-of-chapter study questions, this textbook covers:

• the transition to democracy and party politics;

• cross-Strait relations and foreign policy;

• electoral politics and voting;

• social movements;

• national identity;

• gender politics.

Having been fully updated to take to take stock of the 2012 and 2016 General Elections, the Sunflower Movement and new developments in cross-Strait relations, this is an essential text for any course on Taiwanese politics, Chinese politics and East Asian politics.

chapter 2|22 pages

Authoritarian rule

The politics of martial law in Taiwan

chapter 5|32 pages

Electoral politics

Milestones, electoral systems and political communication

chapter 6|34 pages

Party politics in Taiwan

chapter 7|18 pages

Local and factional politics

chapter 8|21 pages

Competing national identities

chapter 9|25 pages

Taiwan’s external relations

Balancing international space and cross-Strait relations

chapter 10|27 pages

From Leninist corporatist state to vibrant civil society

The emergence and role of social movements

chapter 11|26 pages

Is democracy working in Taiwan?

Social welfare, political corruption and LGBT rights

chapter 12|18 pages

Taiwan under divided government, 2000–8

The Chen Shui-bian era

chapter 13|16 pages

Taiwan under Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai Ing-wen