David Crouch’s William Marshal, now in its third edition, depicts this intriguing medieval figure as a ruthless opportunist, astute courtier, manipulative politician and a brutal but efficient soldier. Born the fourth son of a minor baron, he ended his days as Earl of Pembroke and Regent of England, and was the only medieval knight to have a contemporary biography written about him. Using this biography in addition to the many other primary sources dedicated to him, the author provides a narrative of William Marshal and a survey of the times in which he lived and also considers the problems and questions posed by the History.

The third edition has been extensively updated and revised, and now includes:

  • expanded sections on the reality of medieval tournaments and warfare as it is described in the biography
  • an in-depth study of Marshal’s family life and children based on the latest research including material from the new edition of the Marshal family acts and letters
  • more on Marshal’s royal patrons and contemporaries, in particular the relationship between Marshal and his nemesis, King John.

William Marshal explores the world of medieval knighthood and the the aristocratic life of the times in engaging, readable prose, and is a unique resource for students of medieval history.

chapter |10 pages


chapter 1|20 pages

Childhood and Squirehood

chapter 2|29 pages

The Household Knight

chapter 3|24 pages

The Making of a Magnate, 1183–1190

chapter 4|15 pages

The Rise of the Marshals

chapter 5|42 pages

Earl of Pembroke and Lord of Leinster

chapter 6|13 pages

The Duel with King John

chapter 7|20 pages

The Saviour of the Angevin Dynasty

chapter 8|19 pages

The Marshal and his Society

chapter 9|11 pages

The Marshal at War

chapter 10|17 pages

Love and Lordship

chapter 11|14 pages

The Marshal’s Men

chapter 12|10 pages

La Bone Fin va Tout