This critical edition of the poems of Anna Seward (1742-1809) re-establishes one of the most popular and prolific poets of the early Romantic period. Her work influenced Charllotte Smith and Mary Robinson and later both Wordsworth and Coleridge.

Her reputation was so high that Sir Walter Scott edited the posthumous edition of her poems in 1810. Unlike Scott's, this edition reproduces the poems as they were first published in periodicals and collections during Seward's lifetime, allowing scholars to experience them as eighteenth century readers did. It also includes mire than 200 poems that were excluded from the Scott edition.

part |40 pages

Previously Unpublished Manuscript Poem

chapter |40 pages


part |72 pages

Previously Unpublished Manuscript Poem

part |36 pages

Poems Published First in Periodicals

chapter |1 pages

Epitaph on Hannah

chapter |3 pages

Verses Written by Miss Anna Seward

chapter |1 pages

Sonnet to Miss Williams

chapter |2 pages

Ode to Barine

chapter |2 pages

Ode to Melpomene

chapter |2 pages

Ode to Phidyle

chapter |2 pages

Ode to Lyce

chapter |1 pages

To Valgius

chapter |2 pages

Ode to Phyllis

chapter |2 pages

Ode to William Hayley, Esq.

chapter |1 pages

To Liguria

chapter |2 pages

Ode to Sallust

chapter |1 pages

To His Attendant

chapter |2 pages

Ode to Apollo

chapter |3 pages

Horace Book III, Ode XIX

chapter |1 pages

To Lydia

chapter |5 pages

On the Pleasures of Rural Life

chapter |1 pages

To Mr Weston

chapter |2 pages

To the Fountain of Blandusia

chapter |1 pages

First Sonnet

chapter |1 pages

Second Sonnet

chapter |1 pages

Sonnet to France

chapter |1 pages

To Postumus

chapter |2 pages

Verses Inviting Stella to Tea

chapter |1 pages


chapter |1 pages

To a Coffin-Lid

chapter |2 pages

An Old Cat’s Dying Soliloquy

chapter |2 pages

Elegiac Ode

part |25 pages

Poems Published First in Llangollen Vale, with other Poems

chapter |6 pages

Llangollen Vale

chapter |2 pages

Verses on Wrexham

chapter |4 pages

Hoyle Lake

chapter |8 pages

Herva, at the Tomb of Argantyr

chapter |2 pages


chapter |2 pages

To Time Past

part |54 pages

Poems Published first in Original Sonnets on Various Subjects: And Odes Paraphrased from Horace

chapter 3|1 pages

Written at Buxton in a Rainy Season.

chapter 4|1 pages

To Honora Sneyd.

chapter 5|2 pages

To a Friend.

chapter 6|1 pages

Written at Lichfield.

chapter 8|1 pages


chapter 10|1 pages

To Honora Sneyd.

chapter 16|1 pages

Translated from Boileau.

chapter 18|2 pages

An Evening in November.

chapter 19|1 pages

To ________.

chapter 20|2 pages

Pope’s Gardens at Twickenham.

chapter 21|2 pages

[Proud of our lyric Galaxy, I hear]

chapter 22|1 pages

Subject Continued.

chapter 23|2 pages

To Miss E. S.

chapter 24|1 pages


chapter 25|2 pages

Petrarch to Vaucluse.

chapter 28|1 pages

[O, Genius! does thy Sun-resembling beam]

chapter 29|1 pages

Subject Continued.

chapter 32|1 pages

Subject Continued.

chapter 35|1 pages


chapter 36|2 pages


chapter 37|1 pages


chapter 39|2 pages

Winter Evening.

chapter 40|1 pages

December Morning.

chapter 43|2 pages

To May

chapter 45|2 pages

[From Possibility’s dim chaos sprung,]

chapter 47|1 pages

On ‘The Mine’

chapter 49|3 pages

New and Old Words in Poetry

chapter 51|1 pages

To Sylvia

chapter 53|1 pages

On the Death of the Poet Laureat.

chapter 54|1 pages

A Persian King to His Son

chapter 56|1 pages

To a Timid Young Lady

chapter 57|1 pages

The Funeral of Mrs Charles Buckeridge.

chapter 61|1 pages

To Mr Henry Cary

chapter 63|2 pages

To Colebrooke Dale.

chapter 64|1 pages

To Mr Henry Cary

chapter 65|2 pages

To the Same.

chapter 66|1 pages

[Nobly to scorn thy gilded veil to wear,]

chapter 67|2 pages

On Doctor Johnson’s Unjust Criticisms

chapter 68|1 pages

Doctor Johnson.

chapter 69|2 pages

To a Young Lady Purposing to Marry

chapter 71|1 pages

To the Poppy.

chapter 72|1 pages

The Rainy Summer of 1789.

chapter 73|1 pages


chapter 74|1 pages

[In sultry noon when youthful Milton lay,]

chapter 75|2 pages

Subject Continued.

chapter 76|1 pages

The Critics of Doctor Johnson’s School.

chapter 78|1 pages

[Sophia tempts me to her social walls,]

chapter 81|1 pages

On a Lock of Miss Sarah Seward’s Hair

chapter 83|1 pages

On Catania and Syracuse

chapter 85|1 pages

To March.

chapter 86|2 pages

To the Lake of Killarney.

chapter 87|1 pages

To a Young Lady

chapter 88|2 pages

The Prospect of a Flooded Vale.

chapter 89|1 pages

Subject Continued.

chapter 90|1 pages

Subject Continued.

chapter 95|1 pages

[On the damp margin of the sea-beat shore]

chapter 99|2 pages

On the Violent Thunder Storms

chapter 100|1 pages

Written December 1790.

part |16 pages

Paraphrases and Imitations of Horace.

chapter |3 pages

To Mæcenas

chapter |1 pages

To Pyrrha

chapter |3 pages

To Munatius Plancus

chapter |2 pages

To Thaliarchus

chapter |2 pages

To Leuconoe

chapter |2 pages

To the Hon. Thomas Erskine

chapter |2 pages

To Licinius Murena

chapter |3 pages

To Mæcenas

chapter |2 pages

To Neaera

chapter |2 pages

To the Roman People