This book provides a systematic analysis of China's rise to power. It traces the complex contours of its relation with India, with the Himalayas prominently figuring in the discourse. Drawing on myths, legends, classical literature, archival resources and contemporary political and international affairs, it brings to the fore several critical issues integral to India–China relations. It also studies the two nations in terms of trade across borders, exchange of ideas and confluence of diverse cultures, imperial strategic rivalries in the colonial period, and recent military skirmishes and diplomatic interaction.

Lucid and explanatory, this volume will interest scholars and researchers in international relations, history, political science and area studies specially those interested in the geopolitics of India and China.

chapter |15 pages


chapter 1|18 pages

The Idea of India

chapter 2|15 pages


The country and the culture

chapter 3|16 pages

Strategic Designs

China and India

chapter 5|28 pages

A Forgotten Episode on India’s Defence

chapter 6|17 pages

Chinese Aspirations as World Power

chapter 7|11 pages

Reflections on India–China Relations

A conclusion