This comprehensive, authoritative account of tragedy is the culmination of Hans-Thies Lehmann’s groundbreaking contributions to theatre and performance scholarship. It is a major milestone in our understanding of this core foundation of the dramatic arts. From the philosophical roots and theories of tragedy, through its inextricable relationship with drama, to its impact upon post-dramatic forms, this is the definitive work in its field. Lehmann plots a course through the history of dramatic thought, taking in Aristotle, Plato, Seneca, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Lacan, Shakespeare, Schiller, Holderlin, Wagner, Maeterlinck, Yeats, Brecht, Kantor, Heiner Müller and Sarah Kane.

chapter |16 pages


part I|173 pages

Theory/theatre/the tragic

chapter 2|63 pages

Approaches to the tragic

chapter 3|11 pages

Casus Seneca

Tragedy and the hyperbole of revenge

chapter 4|62 pages

Theatre/experience and the tragic

chapter 5|14 pages

The model of Antigone

part II|167 pages

Drama and tragedy

chapter 6|60 pages

The dramatization of tragedy

chapter 7|34 pages

Pure dramatic tragedy


chapter 8|12 pages

Tragoedia and Trauerspiel

Tragedy and mourning

chapter 9|60 pages

Crises of dramatic tragedy

Schiller, Hölderlin, Kleist

part III|91 pages

Dramatic and postdramatic tragedy

chapter 10|29 pages

The dissolution of the dramatic

Lyric tragedy

chapter 11|61 pages

Tragedy and postdramatic theatre