Originally published in 1919, A primer of National Finance discusses elements of financial principles with reference to facts and figures of British National Finance, Britain’s financial position and general outline of where finances stood at the time of publication. Higgs aims to explain essential information about the political economy in a simple and concise way to reach a wider audience on issues related to wealth and production. This title will be of interest to students of Economics and Political History.

chapter I|9 pages


chapter II|23 pages

F in anc ia l Sta t is t ic s -

chapter III|19 pages

The Expend it ure o f Government -

chapter IV|24 pages

The Revenue o f Government - -

chapter V|9 pages

The Nat io nal Debt - -

chapter VI|13 pages

Local F in ance - -

chapter VII|51 pages

The Budget o f 1919 - -