Twenty-five years of human effort have failed even to slow climate change, let alone reverse it. Climate Insurgency lays out a strategy for protecting the earth's climate: a global nonviolent constitutional insurgency. This short book starts with a brief history of official climate protection efforts "from above" and non-governmental ones "from below" that explains why climate protection has failed so far. Then, it proposes a global nonviolent insurgency for climate protection to overcome that failure. Historian and longtime activist Jeremy Brecher presents a public trust doctrine that can legitimate global climate insurgency in national and international law. He shows how to make national economies climate-safe and points the way toward justly distributing the global costs and benefits of climate protection. In addition, he lays out a new strategy to make governments and economies meet their obligations to protect the climate.

chapter |8 pages


part |2 pages

Part I Why Climate Protection Has Failed

chapter 1|7 pages

Discovering the Inconvenient Truth

chapter 2|8 pages

Climate Protection from Above

chapter 3|29 pages

Climate Protection from Below

chapter 4|4 pages

What Climate Protectors Have Accomplished

chapter 5|10 pages

Why Climate Protection Has Failed

part |2 pages

Part II A Plausible Strategy for Climate Protection

chapter 7|12 pages

Climate Protection as a Legal Duty

chapter 8|11 pages

Making a Country Climate-Safe

chapter 10|10 pages

Movement Enforcement of Public Trust Duties