Jihad is the most organized force against Western capitalism since the Soviet era. Yet jihadism is multifaceted and complex, much broader than Al Qaeda alone. In the first wide-ranging introduction to today's rapidly growing jihadism, Khosrokhavar explains how two key movements variously influence jihadi activists. One, based in the Middle East, is more heavily influenced by Islamic religion and political thought. The other, composed of individuals growing up or living mostly in Europe and Western democracies including the United States, is motivated by secular as well as religious influences. Khosrokhavar interprets religious and lesser-known Arabic texts and the real-world economic and political dynamics that make jihadism a growing threat to Western democracies. Interviews with imprisoned jihadists on what motivated their plots and actions help the readers understand reality as seen by jihadists. The author concludes with recommendations to safeguard democracies from future jihadism.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|10 pages

Explanatory Approaches to Jihadism

chapter 2|41 pages

Jihadist Ideology

chapter 4|49 pages

The Jihadist View of Democracy

chapter 5|34 pages

Fundamentalism in Islam

chapter 6|79 pages

The Transmission of Jihad to the West

chapter 7|29 pages

Jihadist Intelligentsia around the World