Creativity for Innovation Management is a rigorous yet applied guide which illustrates what creativity is, why it matters, and how it can be developed at both individual and group levels. Unlike many technique-oriented books, this book will combine theory and practice, drawing on the latest research in psychology, organizational behaviour, innovation and entrepreneurship.

This exciting new text outlines the necessary skills and competences for innovative and creative processes. It provides opportunities to explore these and also to develop them via a wide variety of activities linked to relevant tools and techniques, as well as a range of case studies. By working through key competence areas at personal and then team levels, students then have an opportunity to practice and enhance these skills.

This will be complemented by online resources which will provide students with access to key tools and techniques plus activities to help develop their creativity. This textbook is ideal for students of innovation, management and entrepreneurship, as well as professionals in those industries that want to excel by developing and applying their own creativity at work.

Section 1

Chapter 1: Creativity….?

Section 2

Chapter 2: Exploring problems

  • Chapter 3 being open
  • Chapter 4: building up willpower
  • Chapter 5 Self-awareness

Section 3

  • Chapter 6: Creating and sharing visions
  • Chapter 7: Practising Psychological Safety
  • Chapter 8: Supporting ideas
  • Chapter 9: Pushing the frontiers
  • Chapter 10: Creating the context
  • Chapter 11: User innovation
  • Chapter 12: High involvement innovation
  • Chapter 13: Design thinking
  • Chapter 14: Creativity under extreme constraints
  • Chapter 15: Agile innovation & Lean start-up
  • Chapter 16: The future of creativity