A previous winner of the Comité Maritime International’s Albert Lilar Prize for the best shipping law book worldwide, EU Shipping Law is the foremost reference work for professionals in this area. This third edition has been completely revised to include developments in the competition/antitrust regime, new safety and environmental rules, and rules governing security and ports. It includes detailed commentary and analysis of almost every aspect of EU law as it affects shipping.

chapter 1|25 pages


chapter 13|45 pages

European Union competition law: ports

chapter 14|32 pages

European Union competition law: consortia

chapter 22|49 pages

European Union law relating to shipbuilding

chapter 23|3 pages

European Union law relating to ship repair

chapter 28|44 pages

Maritime safety: port State control

chapter 34|39 pages

Maritime safety: ferries and ro-ro vessels

chapter 37|32 pages

Maritime safety: marine equipment

chapter 38|17 pages


chapter 39|31 pages


chapter 40|7 pages


chapter 41|14 pages

Short sea shipping

chapter 42|29 pages

Security: ships and ports

chapter 45|6 pages

Ports: electricity for ships in ports

chapter 46|64 pages

Carriage of goods and passengers

chapter 48|32 pages


chapter 49|20 pages