Improving Behaviour Management in Your School provides a common sense approach to understanding the causes and triggers of students’ challenging behaviour and equips teachers and school leaders with simple tools that can be easily implemented in any school. In his accessible and upbeat style, Tim Dansie uses case studies throughout the book which draw on strategies based on CBT and mindfulness. These strategies have proven to make a huge difference to school life and to how challenging students are managed. Teachers are encouraged to question how schools and classrooms are structured, in order to create environments where all students have the greatest possible opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. This resource includes accessible chapters about:

  • What are the challenging behaviours?
  • What are the causes of challenging behaviours in students?
  • How to work with parents
  • How to get staff on board

This is a must-read for all practising and training teachers who wish to understand the reasons for challenging behaviour and how to improve it.

part 4|2 pages

What are challenging behaviours?

chapter 6|36 pages

Practical classroom strategies

chapter 7|4 pages

Working with parents

chapter 8|8 pages

Getting staff on board

part 9|2 pages

Clear procedures and policies relating to managing challenging behaviours in schools

chapter 10|2 pages

Where to from here?