Standards for Reporting Data to Educators provides a synthesis of research and best practices of how data should be presented to educators in order to optimize the effectiveness of data use. Synthesizing over 300 sources of peer-reviewed research, expert commentary, and best practices, Rankin develops a set of data reporting standards that education data system vendors, providers, and creators can apply to improve how data is displayed for educators. The accurate and effective presentation of data is paramount to educators’ ability to successfully implement and make use of the most current knowledge in the field. This important book reveals the most effective ways to communicate data to ensure educators can use data easily and accurately.

chapter 1|9 pages


chapter 2|13 pages

Label Standards

chapter 3|14 pages

Supplemental Documentation Standards

chapter 4|12 pages

Help System Standards

chapter 5|8 pages

Package/Display Standards: Credibility

chapter 6|14 pages

Package/Display Standards: Key Features

chapter 7|21 pages

Package/Display Standards: Design

chapter 8|9 pages

Package/Display Standards: Navigation

chapter 9|11 pages

Package/Display Standards: Input Controls

chapter 10|17 pages

Content Standards