Sound Art offers the first comprehensive introduction to sound art written for undergraduate students.

Bridging and blending aspects of the visual and sonic arts, modern sound art first emerged in the early 20th century and has grown into a thriving and varied field. In 13 thematic chapters, this book enables students to clearly grasp both the concepts behind this unique area of art, and its history and practice. Each chapter begins with an exploration of key ideas and theories, followed by an in-depth discussion of selected relevant works, both classic and current.

Drawing on a broad, diverse range of examples, and firmly interdisciplinary, this book will be essential reading for anyone studying or teaching the theory, history, appreciation, or practice of sound art.

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1 Launching a Study of Sound Art

2 How Sound Works (with Stephan Moore)

3 Sounds and Nature

4 Voice and Language

5 Sounds of the Body

6 Captured Sound

7 Transmitted Sound in Communication

8 The Sounding Object

9 Acoustic Spaces

10 Sonification

11 Noise and Sound Art

12 Conservation and Documentation of Sound Art

13 Making Sound Art Accessible