Experiences are an important part of our lives and increasingly represent a crucial topic to address for businesses and professionals. This book focuses on designing, staging and managing experiences within the context of the events, tourism and hospitality industries. It also illustrates current and future developments in these industries and wider society, with an emphasis on sustainable development.

The book offers an innovative approach for successfully creating experiences for (potential) customers that is based on combining insights and methods from the world of design and the social sciences. Moreover, it shows how the experience economy and sustainable development both reinforce one another and create challenges that businesses and professionals can address through this approach.

Critical thinking questions, practical examples and international case studies are integrated throughout the text. Combining a design science and a social sciences perspective in one inclusive hands-on approach to designing, staging and managing experiences, this is essential reading for all students of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management, but also related fields.

chapter |9 pages


part I|158 pages

Designing, Staging and Managing Experiences

chapter 1|31 pages

The concept of experiences

chapter 2|28 pages

Understanding your (potential) customers

chapter 3|29 pages

Understanding the design process

chapter 5|29 pages

Staging and managing experiences

part II|55 pages

Sustainable Development and the Role of Businesses and Professionals

part III|57 pages

Co-Creating Sustainable Experiences