First published in 1909, this book collects the author’s lectures on the ‘problem of evolution’ and the resultant debate. The first considers the validity of the Theory of Evolution and whether it is in opposition to the Christian view of creation. The second examines the assertion that evolution harmonises only with Monism rather than Theism and which of the two views is preferable. It also looks at the popular identification of Darwinism with evolution, if it is scientific and the results this leads to. The third looks at man’s position in the problem of evolution — whether we are bound to bring in considerations higher than the zoological — and the evidence for our descent from ‘brutes’.

chapter I|20 pages

The Hypothesis and Theory of Evolution in Natural Science

(February 13, 1907)

chapter II|28 pages

Theistic and Atheistic Evolution—Evolution and Darwinism

(February 14, 1907)

chapter III|36 pages

Lecture III

(February 17, 1907)

part II|124 pages

Evening Discussion

chapter I|25 pages

Professor Plate’s Speech

chapter II|6 pages

Dr. Bölsche’s Speech

chapter III|12 pages

Professor Dahl’s Speech

chapter IV|9 pages

Dr. Friedenthal’s Speech 2

chapter V|14 pages

Professor von Hansemann’s Speech

chapter VI|1 pages

Count von Hoensbroech’s Speech

chapter VII|2 pages

Mr. Itelson’s Speech

chapter VIII|15 pages

Dr. Juliusburger’s Speech 1

chapter IX|11 pages

Dr. PlÖtz’s Speech.

chapter X|14 pages

Dr. Schmidt-Jena’s Speech.

chapter XI|8 pages

Dr. Thesing’s Speech

chapter |18 pages