This fully revised and updated textbook weaves law into its historical, political, and sociological context, while providing clear explanation of the law as it applies to American colleges and universities. This text draws exclusively on federal and state cases emerging from campuses and includes helpful pedagogical elements--such as chapter outlines, questions for discussion, side bars, text boxes, research aids, and summation of law--to equip readers with the tools and knowledge to effectively respond in an environment of increasing litigation. Addressing a gap in the literature, this new edition provides a comprehensive and accessible understanding of the latest laws relevant to higher education and student affairs administrators.

New In This Edition:

  • Explanation and streamlining of old case law.
  • New cases throughout covering recent developments in: student loan debt, student safety, Internet speech, affirmative action, discrimination, Greek life, issues relating to new technology, non-faculty employees, campus police, and athletics.
  • Revised explanation on student and college costs.
  • Expanded examination of the idea of academic freedom

chapter 1|20 pages

Nature of Law

chapter 2|33 pages

Legal Structure of Higher Education

chapter 3|52 pages


chapter 4|27 pages

Student Fees and Tuition

chapter 10|16 pages

Free Speech and Electronic Communication

chapter 11|29 pages

Student Press

chapter 12|25 pages

Search and Seizure

chapter 13|52 pages

Academic Freedom

chapter 15|40 pages

Faculty and Due Process of Law

chapter 16|39 pages

Speech in Public Institutions

chapter 17|24 pages

Tort Liability

chapter 21|17 pages

State Action at Private Colleges

chapter 23|39 pages

Racial Integration and Diversity

chapter 24|28 pages

Intellectual Property