This book offers a controversial reanalysis of the rise and dominance of managerialist approaches to development. Linking two British inner-city community development projects with projects in the developing world it shows how ’managed development’ runs counter to participatory values and aspirations of communities receiving development aid. This, in effect, mutes the voices of these communities. In conclusion, Holmes draws implications for the emerging community development agenda in urban development throughout the world.

chapter 2|10 pages

The Nature of Management

chapter 3|14 pages

Radical Organization Theory and Research

chapter 4|14 pages

Management and the Labour Process

chapter 5|14 pages

Management and Class Analysis

chapter 6|18 pages

The Capitalist State and Management

chapter 10|18 pages

Who Managed the Charlton Training Centre?

chapter 12|8 pages

Beyond the Dominance of Management?