In this book, John Arthur and Louise Moody introduce the concept of the reasoning chain, a new approach to risk-based reasoning systems in large, complex and distributed organisations. Arguing that large, complex and distributed organisations are particularly focussed on a triple-helix of chain metaphors – supply, value and reputation chains – the authors propose that there is overwhelming evidence that the accepted approaches to risk and resilience do not compliment this architecture. This is extremely problematic because risk and resilience constructs have been formally and informally regulated for these industries.

The Reasoning Chain proposes and illustrates a holistic solution to the problems thrown up by existing norms. It is proposed that the reasoning chain be intentionally designed on an equal footing with supply, value and reputation; a quadruple helix. Through challenge of best practice, an argument unfolds to outline the novel approach for risk based resilience reasoning in large distributed organisations, illustrated through a series of case studies and guidance to implementation.

This book is an accessible and valuable resource for risk managers and decision makers responsible for complex business decisions.

part 1|1 pages

A journey of design

chapter Chapter 1|13 pages

Introduction – landscape and journey

chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

Risk as a construct

chapter Chapter 3|19 pages

Designing a risk system – some key early challenges

chapter Chapter 4|18 pages

Transformation risk – a case study

chapter Chapter 5|21 pages

Beginning to measure risk

chapter |4 pages

Summing up Part 1

part 2|1 pages

Risk-based resilience

chapter |2 pages

Introduction to Part 2

chapter Chapter 6|17 pages

What is organisational resilience?

chapter Chapter 7|10 pages

Design for reasoning

chapter Chapter 8|28 pages

What and how shall we measure?

chapter |6 pages

Summing up Part 2

part 3|1 pages

Deeper into systems

chapter |5 pages

Introduction to Part 3

Risk and resilience as distributed systems

chapter Chapter 10|26 pages

Taking a standard approach – a hybrid case study

chapter Chapter 11|18 pages

A systems evolution approach – experiences of BCM

chapter Chapter 12|14 pages

Resilience and other legacy systems

chapter Chapter 13|13 pages

Taking an infrastructural approach

chapter |11 pages

Summing up Part 3

part 4|1 pages

Risk-based resilience reasoning chain

chapter |9 pages

Introduction to Part 4

Making the reasoning chain work

chapter Chapter 14|26 pages

A reasoning chain example

chapter Chapter 15|12 pages

The ‘so what’ moment

chapter Chapter 16|17 pages

Deconstructing organisational goals for resilience

chapter Chapter 17|27 pages

Taking stock of the reasoning chain

chapter Chapter 18|14 pages

The reasoning chain