The number of interethnic individuals is one of the most striking demographic changes in Britain over the last decade. Demonstrating both that identity is fluid and multifaceted rather than fixed, and that people of Asian,Black,Chinese and White interethnic backgrounds do not necessarily experience identity conflict as proposed by some social scientists, Multifaceted Identity of Interethnic Young People explores the manner in which interethnic young people define their identities. In doing so, it also looks at their parents and their experiences as interethnic couples in society. Presenting rich new empirical information relating to young people of Black, White, Asian and Chinese interethnic backgrounds, this book also examines the impact that inter-religious relationships have upon young people's sense of identity, whilst also discussing the implications of the election of America's first interethnic president. As such, it will be of interest to social scientists working in the fields of race, ethnicity and identity.

part |2 pages

PART 1 Placing Identity Theory and Research in Context

chapter 1|18 pages


part |2 pages

PART 2 The Research

chapter 4|24 pages

How the Research was Carried Out

part |2 pages

PART 3 Voices

chapter 5|22 pages

Non-interethnic Parents and Children

chapter 6|20 pages

Interethnic Couples

part |2 pages

PART 4 The Coming of the Chameleons

chapter 7|8 pages

Who am I? Identities Adopted

chapter 8|14 pages

A Chameleon Identity

chapter 9|28 pages

The Fine Art of Choosing an Identity

chapter 10|10 pages

The Impact of being Interethnic

chapter 11|22 pages

Conclusion: The Future is Interethnics