Whilst workers' organizations and third-party analysts around the world commonly cite age as the most prevalent form of discrimination in the workplace, age discrimination has not had the same high profile as discrimination on grounds of sex or race. This book allows readers to better understand the issue of ageism and inequality. It examines the primary role of legislation and court process in combating age discrimination at both national and international levels. Including the role of NAFTA and the EU in this respect, it also provides a detailed examination of the relationship between age issues and the law, and will be an important resource for those involved in age discrimination and elder rights.

chapter 1|6 pages

Introduction to Just a Number

chapter 2|28 pages

Just a Number in Age Discrimination

chapter 3|46 pages

Just a Number in the United Nations

chapter 4|30 pages

Just a Number in Australia and New Zealand

chapter 5|42 pages

Just a Number in Africa and South Africa

chapter 9|52 pages

Just a Number in the European Union

chapter 10|4 pages

Conclusion to Just a Number