Innovating Professional Services provides a practical and detailed guide for change agents and leaders in professional service firms who are seeking to transform their firm’s performance through innovation.

Focusing on the professional services sector, the book highlights process innovation - the re-engineering of services and internal support processes to reduce cost and increase value to clients. Detailed techniques such as the use of lean, process mapping, waste identification, service experience mapping and value profiling are explained, drawing on the author's extensive experience in working with leading law, business service and consulting firms to create measurable improvements.

With case studies to illuminate the challenges of driving major improvement through innovation, this book is valuable reading for leaders and change agents in law firms, accountants, consultants, architects, financial services and engineering services.

chapter 1|6 pages

About this Book

part |1 pages

Part I Opportunities for Innovation

chapter 4|2 pages

So You Want More Innovation in Your Firm?

chapter 5|4 pages

Innovation – What Is It?

chapter 7|6 pages

Process Innovation

chapter 8|4 pages

Product/Service Innovation

chapter 9|4 pages

Market Position Innovation

chapter 10|18 pages

Business Model Innovation

chapter 11|4 pages

The Benefits of Effective Innovation

chapter 12|4 pages

Standing Back and Looking Forwards

part |2 pages

Part II Establishing a System for Innovation

chapter 13|3 pages

Where to Start?

chapter 15|4 pages

Leadership for Innovation

chapter 16|6 pages

16Strategy for Innovation

chapter 17|12 pages

Process for Innovation

chapter 18|8 pages

Climate for Innovation

chapter 19|10 pages

19Resources and Methods for Innovation

chapter 20|4 pages

External Links to Innovation

chapter 21|4 pages

21Learning from Innovation

chapter 22|10 pages

22Putting an Innovation System in Place

part |2 pages

Part III Innovation through Smarter Working

chapter 23|4 pages

Introduction to Re-engineering

chapter 24|4 pages

Let’s Talk About Business Processes

chapter 25|8 pages

Lean and Continuous Improvement

chapter 29|4 pages

How to Re-engineer – An Introduction

chapter 30|4 pages

Re-engineering in a Downturn

chapter 31|2 pages

Getting Started

part |2 pages

Part IV Managing Key Challenges