Women have participated in political violence throughout history, yet the concept of women as active proponents and perpetrators of political violence and terrorism is not widely accepted. Viewed as being forced by partners, sexually abused or brainwashed, the possibility of political motives is not often considered. Paige Whaley Eager addresses this to establish whether the stereotypical view is misplaced. She utilizes a framework to analyze women engaged in political violence in different contexts in order to examine structural variables, ideological goals of the organization and personal factors which contribute to involvement. Case study rich, this informative book provides an indispensable guide to examining women's role in left/right wing engagement, ethno-nationalist/separatist violence, guerrilla movements and suicide bombers.

Acknowledgments; Chapter 1 The Second Sex: Women and Political Violence; Chapter 2 Bringing on the Revolution: Women and Left-Wing Political Violence; Chapter 3 Dupes of Men or Willing Participants? Right-Wing Women and Political Violence; Chapter 4 The “Wretched of the Earth” Rebel: Women and Wars of National Liberation; Chapter 5 Tigers, Eterras, and Republicans: Women and Ethnonational Political Violence; Chapter 6 Female Suicide Bombers: Analyzing the Aberrant Woman’s Paradox; Chapter 7 Concluding Thoughts on Women and Political Violence;