The Muspratt family form a fascinating dynasty in the history of British commerce and manufacturing. Associated principally with the development of the chemical industry in Liverpool - James Muspratt (1793-1884) was the first person to make alkali on a large scale using the Leblanc Process - the three generations of the family also contributed to wider Victorian and Edwardian culture through their interests in politics, education (founding the Liverpool College of Chemistry in 1848), art, literature and theatre. This is the first study to present the history of the Muspratts as a family group and to consider the entrepreneurial spirit they brought to chemical manufacture in Britain and to their many other ventures.

chapter 8|24 pages

Sheridan’s Pursuit of Chemistry

chapter 9|20 pages

Patronage of the Arts

chapter 13|14 pages

End of a Dynasty, 1926–1934

chapter 14|6 pages

The Muspratt Legacy and the Epilogue