Find out how to differentiate your middle school ELA instruction so that all students can become better readers, writers, and critical thinkers. Author Amber Chandler invites you into her classroom and shows how you can adjust your lessons to suit different learning needs while still meeting state standards and keeping your students accountable. She provides a wide variety of helpful tools and strategies, ranging from easy options that you can try out immediately to deeper-integration ideas that will reshape your classroom as a flexible, personalized learning environment. Topics include:

  • Using choice boards and menus to teach vocabulary, reading, and presentation skills in fun and interactive ways;
  • Grouping students strategically to maximize learning outcomes and encourage collaboration;
  • Making vocabulary learning interesting and memorable with visual aids, tiered lists, and personalized word studies;
  • Designing your own Project Based Learning lessons to unleash your students’ creativity;
  • Assessing students’ progress without the use of one-size-fits-all testing;
  • And more!

Bonus: downloadable versions of some of the rubrics and handouts in this book are available on the Routledge website at https://www.routledge.com/9781138681040. Also, check out the book’s website, doyoudifferentiate.com, for additional articles and strategies.