Informed by research undertaken on the reality of developing inclusive practices in schools, and years of practitioner experience in the field of education, Reconsidering Inclusion shows how staff’s social and emotional relationships can sustain and build inclusive practices. Providing engaging discussion of key findings and themes central to the practitioner, encouraging them to critically engage in developing inclusive practices in their schools, readers will find reflective questions about their practice and examples of key competing perspectives to enhance deeper understanding. Ekins presents authentic accounts and discussions of the reality of developing inclusive practices, as experienced and explained by teachers faced with the responsibility of enacting those practices. The book concludes with a discussion on achievable implications for practice both at a personal and professional level.

Reconsidering Inclusion is suitable for all those interested in inclusive practice and provides a much needed critical insight into inclusive practices in schools

chapter 1|13 pages


chapter 2|15 pages

Researching inclusive practices

chapter 3|18 pages

What is inclusion?

chapter 5|16 pages

Inclusive school cultures

chapter 6|15 pages

Leadership and teamwork

chapter 7|17 pages

Relationships and professional identity

chapter 9|14 pages

Lessons learnt, moving forward