The Theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet provides a much needed accessible introduction to the philosophical and theological foundations of Chauvet's sacramental theology. Particular attention is given to his appropriation of Heidegger and use of the Social Sciences to elucidate the nature of the symbolic exchange that lies at the heart of the sacramental tradition. This book highlights the prophetic, deconstructive and even iconoclastic message for contemporary society and the church implicit in the Eucharistic liturgy. Common conceptions of God's presence and sacrifice are critically analyzed and the connection between sacramental worship and ethics is emphasized.

chapter |8 pages


chapter 1|24 pages

Theology and the Critique of Metaphysics

chapter 3|18 pages

The Reality of the Symbolic Order

chapter 4|22 pages

Initiation into the Symbolic Order

chapter 5|32 pages

Mourning the Absence of Christ

chapter 6|22 pages

Understanding Eucharist as Thanks-Giving

chapter 7|26 pages

Eucharistic Ethic