Exploring the controversy surrounding therapeutic human cloning, this book draws upon data collected from news articles and interviews with journalists to examine the role of mass media in shaping biomedical controversies. With specific reference to the US and the UK as two leading scientific nations grappling with the global issue of therapeutic cloning, together with attention to the important role played by nations in Southeast Asia, this book sheds light on media representations of scientific developments, the unrealistic hype that can surround them, the influence of religion and the potentially harmful imposition of journalistic and nationalist values on the scientific field. Empirically grounded and theoretically innovative, The Therapeutic Cloning Debate will appeal to social scientists across a range of disciplines with interests in science communication, public engagement, cultural and media studies, science politics, science journalism, the sociology of expert knowledge and risk. It will also appeal to scientists, journalists, policymakers and others interested in how news media frame science for the public.

chapter 1|6 pages


chapter 3|4 pages

Human Cloning Before Dolly

chapter 7|8 pages

The Role of Science Journalism

chapter 9|12 pages

Scientific Utopianism and Balanced Hype

chapter 12|30 pages

Scientific Nationalism

chapter 13|4 pages

Sources: The Raw Materials of Science News

chapter 19|8 pages