The development of how twins relate to each other and their single partners is explored through life stories and clinical examples in this telling study of twin interconnections. While the quality of a nurturing family life is crucial, Dr. Klein has found there are often issues with separation anxiety, loneliness, competition with each other, and finding friendships outside of twinship. When twin lives are entwined because of inadequate parenting and estrangement, twin loss is possible and traumatic, creating a crippling fear of expansiveness—an inability to be yourself. Therapists and twins seeking an understanding of twin relationships will find this clinically compelling book a valuable resource.

chapter |4 pages


Understanding Twin Interconnections: Harmony, Fighting, and Estrangement

chapter 2|23 pages

Parenting Issues with Twins

Strategies to Resolve Conflicts and Uncertainties

chapter 3|25 pages

When Do Separation Issues Begin for Twins?

When Do Separation Issues End?

chapter 4|26 pages

Why Twin Fighting can Lead to Estrangement

chapter 5|20 pages

The Lives of Adult Twins

chapter 6|23 pages

Being a Twin in a Non-Twin World