Construction Management: Theory and Practice is a comprehensive textbook for budding construction managers. The range of coverage makes the book essential reading for students studying management courses in all construction related disciplines and ideal reading for those with non-cognate degrees studying construction management masters courses, giving them a broad base of understanding about the industry.

Part I outlines the main industry players and their roles in relation to the Construction Manager.

Part II covers management theory, leadership and team working strategies.

Part III details financial aspects including: sources of finance, appraisal and estimating, construction economics, whole life costing and life cycle analysis, bidding and tendering as well as procurement methods, types of contracts and project costing. 

Part IV covers construction operations management and issues such as supply chain management, health and safety, waste, quality and environmental management.

Part V covers issues such as marketing, strategy, HRM, health, stress and well-being.

Part VI concludes the book with reflections on the future of the industry in relation to the environment and sustainability and the role of the industry and its managers.

The book keeps the discussion of current hot topics such as building information modelling (BIM), sustainability, and health and well-being included throughout and is packed with useful figures, tables and case studies from industry.

chapter |2 pages


part I|16 pages

The players

chapter 1|15 pages

The main participators

part II|48 pages

So you want to be a leader?

chapter 2|19 pages

Pioneers of management theory

chapter 3|13 pages


chapter 4|14 pages

Team or group working

part III|172 pages

Financial control of construction projects from conception to handover

chapter 5|4 pages

Sources of finance

chapter 6|17 pages

Valuation and development appraisal

chapter 7|6 pages

Introduction to design economics

chapter 8|5 pages

Approximate estimating

chapter 10|11 pages

Value engineering and management

chapter 11|10 pages

Procurement methods and types of contract

chapter 13|51 pages

Estimating and tendering procedures

chapter 14|5 pages

Building strategy

chapter 15|5 pages


chapter 16|7 pages

Post-contract cost control

chapter 17|11 pages

Interim valuations, claims and variations

chapter 18|10 pages

Cost systems

part IV|113 pages

Operations management

chapter 19|18 pages

Site organisation

chapter 20|23 pages

Contract planning

chapter 21|29 pages

Health and safety

chapter 22|13 pages

Waste management

chapter 23|7 pages

Stock control and materials management

chapter 24|12 pages

Supply chain management

chapter 25|10 pages

Quality management

part V|99 pages

Business management

chapter 26|12 pages


chapter 27|11 pages

Strategic planning

chapter 28|18 pages


chapter 29|41 pages

Human resources management

chapter 30|16 pages

Risk analysis and management

part VI|16 pages


chapter 31|14 pages

Sustainability and the environment