Philosophical themes as diverse as language, value, mind and God are among the topics discussed in this set of 11 books, originally published between 1963 and 1991. Specific volumes cover the following:

  • The relation between persuasion and truth
  • criticism of linguistic philosophy,
  • questions about the nature of thought and ontological questions in general.

1. Logics and Languages (1973) M. J. Cresswell 2. Language, Thought and Falsehood in Ancient Greek Philosophy (1991) Nicholas Denyer 3. Language Mind and Value (1963) J. N. Findlay 4. The Linguistic Construction of Reality (1987) George W. Grace 5. Thinking and Language (1975) Judith Greene 6. Necessity and Language (1985) Morris Lazerowitz and Alice Ambrose 7. Philosophy Through the Looking Glass (1985) Jean-Jacques Lecercle 8. Clarity Is Not Enough (1963) Edited by Hywel D. Lewis 9.Philosophical Rhetoric (1989) Jeff Mason. 10. Thought and Language (1990)J. M. Moravcsik 11. Reference, Truth and Reality (1980) Edited by Mark Platts