Numismatic Archaeology of North America is the first book to provide an archaeological overview of the coins and tokens found in a wide range of North American archaeological sites. It begins with a comprehensive and well-illustrated review of the various coins and tokens that circulated in North America with descriptions of the uses for, and human behavior associated with, each type. The book contains practical sections on standardized nomenclature, photographing, cleaning, and curating coins, and discusses the impacts of looting and of working with collectors. This is an important tool for archaeologists working with coins. For numismatists and collectors, it explains the importance of archaeological context for complete analysis.

chapter 1|10 pages

What is Numismatics? |

chapter 3|18 pages

Circulating Currency |

chapter 4|18 pages

Asian Coins in North America |

chapter 5|96 pages

Tokens and Medals |

chapter 6|4 pages

Paper Money |

chapter 7|4 pages

Coin Production Methods |

chapter 8|16 pages

Numismatic Approaches to Analysis |

chapter 9|14 pages

The Archaeologist’s Perspective

chapter 10|10 pages

Using North American Numismatic Evidence

chapter 11|8 pages

Shipwreck Archaeology and Coins

chapter 12|12 pages

Materials, Corrosion, and Cleaning

chapter 13|2 pages

Photographing Numismatic Materials