Supporting and challenging cooperating teachers to grow in their mentoring and coaching practices with preservice teachers and also in their own work as classroom teachers, this practical guide presents and illustrates the Coaching with CARE model—a framework for reflection and action that helps cultivate a perspective on teaching that puts students at the center of teacher preparation and places value on apprenticeship and participation in learning. The CARE model takes a turn away from traditional evaluation-based "training" approaches, offering a way for cooperating teachers, and facilitators and university teacher educators who work with them, to come together to shape innovative coaching and mentoring experiences for preservice teachers.

Mentoring Preservice Teachers Through Practice, building on the authors’ own work with cooperating teachers, is based on the most recent research on learning to teach and supporting preservice teachers and grounded in the realities of teacher education today. Each chapter includes questions for discussion and suggested readings that can be used to explore the focus of the chapter more deeply as well as relevant research reports published by the authors.

part I|34 pages

Teacher Preparation

chapter 1|6 pages

Unfinished and becoming

chapter 2|10 pages

A mentor, a coach, a teacher

Who Are You? Who Are You Becoming?

part II|52 pages

The Coaching with CARE Model and Cycle

chapter 4|10 pages

The coaching with CARE model

chapter 6|14 pages

The coaching with CARE cycle

The Pre-conference and Observation

chapter 7|15 pages

The coaching with CARE cycle

The Post and the Planning Conferences

part III|32 pages

The Three C's of CARE

chapter 9|18 pages

Content matters

part IV|35 pages

Expanding Tools for Coaching

chapter 10|11 pages

Collaborative coaching

Building Communities of Practice

chapter 11|11 pages

Retrospective coaching analysis

A Video-based Tool for Coaching

chapter 12|11 pages