Applying Cross-Curricular Approaches Creatively explores the relevance and effectiveness of cross-disciplinary and project-based teaching. With a focus on personal reflection and discussion, it offers educators inspiration, guidance and resources to deliver a truly integrated curriculum creatively. Exploring how we can make connections in the classroom through our own lives and those of our children, it supports teachers in becoming more personally involved in decisions about the style of teaching and substance of curriculum in schools. Applying Cross-Curricular Approaches Creatively examines key topics such as:  

  • Educationalists with an interest in cross-curricular and creative approaches 

  • Planning for and provoking creativity  
  • Choosing cross-curricular themes 
  • Mind-full approaches to teaching and learning 
  • Assessing creative and integrated learning 
  • Teachers as researchers in the classroom  

Applying Cross-Curricular Approaches Creatively is an essential text for those wishing to plan a coherent curriculum with cross-curricular elements. It places the 'basics' of knowledge, genuine motivation, engagement and participation at the core of its arguments for meaningful learning for all children. Filled with autobiographical accounts and case studies, and with ready-to-use ideas for creative lessons, this uplifting book challenges us to return to curriculum breadth and balance and away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.   



chapter 1|15 pages

Connecting autobiography and creativity

chapter 3|14 pages

A history of cross-curricularity

chapter 5|19 pages

Choosing cross-curricular themes

chapter 6|15 pages

Mind-full approaches

Living and learning in the present

chapter 7|21 pages

Planning for and creating creativity

chapter 8|16 pages

Child and teacher-led learning

Opportunistic approaches

chapter 9|19 pages

Making meaning

Assessing creative and integrated learning

chapter |1 pages


A connected, creative and positive life in education